Question by  Anonymous

whats it like for a man living in a womans world?


Answer by  somerset (801)

Surrounded by beautiful, positive and intelligent women must simply be great.


Answer by  notso (84)

Having been in that situation several times with work and family, I have to say it's a great opportunity to gain perspective. Also, the whole "women should be x" and "men should be x" is pretty silly for some.


Answer by  Julie (172)

Modern men seem to be becoming more passive as women are taking more professional jobs, paying the bills, and living independent lives. I think that many men feel emasculated by their shrinking role in today's society.


Answer by  winetou1984 (17)

it couldn`t be better. just imagine being the only man surrounded by all kinds of women: slim, fat, ugly, beautiful.. The choice is yours.

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