Question by  kittytre1 (69)

What's a good diet for bleeding stomach ulcers?

Is it different than regular ulcers?


Answer by  gangasudhigmailcom (43)

Avoid over- eating, over-hunger. Take milk, curd, cheese more in food, avoid coffee, chocolates and fruits which contain citric acid like tomato, lime.


Answer by  dyingneko (199)

It is good to eat pulp food without any sauce. Also try to eat warm food like soup and do not eat spicy food. Do not eat sweets. Eat easy food and don't forget your medicine.


Answer by  bunkerhill (825)

Whole wheats or grains, no tomato, coffee, tea, or soda. Drink lots of water. Avoid spicy foods and acidic fruits like pineapple and oranges.

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