Question by  Ben (23)

What would cause an 18-year-old to run away with her boyfriend and not call her family?


Answer by  worker3126 (65)

Young girls have many influneces outside of her family. These influences can sometimes lead a smart girl to believe that leaving the safety and Love of her family and running away with her boyfriend is the right choice. Often times young men, trying to be what the world tells them, lead his Love astray with promises of a better life.


Answer by  dollgirl (636)

Unfortunately, this happened to a friend of mine many years ago, and in hindsight we now can see all the warning signs for parental abuse. So an 18 year old might run away and not call her family if one or both parents were abusing her, for fear that disclosing her location might lead to them finding her.


Answer by  Anonymous

my younger sister is going through the same thing. our distaste for her bf is pushing her away from us and closer to him. they now live together, living off of her money. i'm just as clueless about what to do.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

The girl is probably unhappy over how her life had been going up to the point where she left. She probably had issues with her parents that remain unresolved.


Answer by  jen37 (1135)

She is only 18, she's still figuring life out, but has not gotten it all straight. If she felt trapped or unsupported she might see it as a way out.

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maybe we want to make our own decision as a adult!


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