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Question by  shaji (38)

What to do for low progesterone?

I need to raise my progesterone.


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

Try talking to your physician about a progesterone supplement to combat low progesterone levels. Progesterone can be taken in tablet form, suppository form, or even by mouth. Your physician can give you further details and evaluate the risks and benefits from progesterone supplementation with you. Raising your levels may be just the thing you need.


Answer by  shego (255)

Talk to your doctor about taking birth control pills high in progesterone or some other hormone replacement therapy. Otherwise you might try taking an all natural plant progesterone. check out your local health food store. If you smoke and take hormones, you may experience heart attack, blood clotting or stroke.


Answer by  Vanasatchy (816)

When one has low progesterone one can take progeaterone injections or capsules. Enen natural creams are available. If one needs progestrone externally consult a doctor


Answer by  Cookinginbc (383)

You can take supplements in the form of capsules, injections or vaginal suppositories. There are also someover the counter creams. There are also some "natural products" that you can try although the last 2 have proven to be less effective. You want to make sure that you are working closly with your doctor while figuringout a treatment.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Your doctor can provide you with progesterone supplements that will help you to raise your progesterone. It is not recommended that you do any treatments without your doctors knowledge or without his providing you with the products.

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