Question by  DulceDeLeche (219)

What songs get stuck in your head?

Do you have particular ones that get stuck, or are they just random songs that you hear?


Answer by  Lisa49 (81)

If I hear a song often, it can get stuck in my head. Often times, songs in commercials get stuck in my head (which is likely their purpose!). This can be quite annoying. Where I work, the same songs repeat on a loop, and those ones repeat over and over most often.


Answer by  Bob12 (20)

Jingles from old sit-coms like The Cosby show or from old movies like The Wizard of oz are songs that tend to get stuck in my head. Most often it tends to be any song that is really annoying. Commercial jingles are also frequently the source of annoyance as they might stay in my head for days.


Answer by  sharon52 (195)

If you've ever gone on the "It's a Small World" boat ride at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you'll come out hearing that song in your head for the rest of the day and maybe longer! I think what causes it is the short, simple nature of the song, easy words and hearing it multiple times.


Answer by  maalea808 (12)

Knocks you down by keri hilson is stuck in my head right now lol


Answer by  justme (111)

Generally the songs that get stuck in my head are either the most annoying songs that have no meaning at all but are just catchy. Although sometimes songs that make me happy or sad tend to get stuck in my head when I'm in that kind of a mood.


Answer by  Anonymous

For me, its usually a song that I hear in the background and don't even realize that I am hearing it. Then i will subconsciously start hearing it in my mind, and only after I think back do i remember where I heard it. Its really strange.


Answer by  avalanchebad (164)

Songs with repetitive, annoying vocalizations like 'Disturbia' by Rihanna or 'The Sweet Escape' by Gwen Stefani often get stuck in my head, much to my chagrin. Lately, I've had 'Flathead' by The Fratellis stuck in my head, and that song also has a catchy vocal part with no lyrics.


Answer by  tandjhalford (3)

Ice cream and tasty cake, Ice cream and tasty cake, Ice cream and cake do the Ice cream and cake, ice cream and cake do the Ice cream and cake...... Aaarrrgggghhh!!!!!!

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