Question by  ngutherie (23)

What songs does Johnny Depps band play?

I want to find recordings by Johnny Depps band.


Answer by  Lorbeer (304)

Album :Yellow Pills: Prefill - A Powerful Pop Prescription / Band: Kids - Hey little girl + There goes my heart again. Oasis "Fade in Out" ( he played guitar). Johnny Band "P" - later band "Rock City Angels", he wrote the song "Mary" for this group - released 1989


Answer by  starke (57)

Johnny Depp's band is called 'P' and has an album by the same name. The songs on that album include: 'I Save Cigarette Butts', 'Zing Splash', 'Michael Stipe', 'Oklahoma','Dancing Queen','John Glenn' and 'Mr. Officer'. If you want to find recordings by this band, you might consider amazong. com or itunes - search for 'P'.

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