Question by  corys2987 (15)

What size rat do you give a ball python?


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Measure your snake's head for diameter and double that number to give you the maximum size rat your snake can eat -- but choose a smaller rat if your snake has a jaw injury. It is also better to feed two smaller rats rather than a larger rat if you have concerns as to your snake's ability.


Answer by  serendip (408)

A rat to be fed to a ball python should not be greater than the width of the python's body.


Answer by  chitraanilkumar (340)

Ball python can feed rat size as same of mice that meance rat size of 2inch to 4 inch long even it can eat big rats how ever how much your vide your python can vide open its mouth up to that size is accepectable


Answer by  blue25 (346)

Since ball python are big the bigger size rat will make it more full then the small one. However, i would buy a couple of rat (and put them in a separate cage) so they can breed. And then you can feed them to the ball python. the python would need to eat more smaller rat then the big one

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