Question by  Chad16 (22)

What should you feed a kitten?


Answer by  Caryn85 (418)

Kitten food is available in dry bags or in a can of moist food. You can take dry food and add a little water to it if you are looking to save some money. Make sure its for your kittens age range. Most kittens are natural scavengers so make sure that you have food available for them.


Answer by  rfoltz33 (217)

In addition to vitamins (B-12) and enzymes (Taurine) needed for proper cellular communication during developmental processes, an ample amount of protein (chicken is favored by cats) is important.


Answer by  CherylSchneider (36)

If the kitten was taken from the mother early or was rejected by the mother, there is special milk, with nutrients that can be used until old enough for solid food. Kittens should be fed dry or wet food that is specially formulated for them. The feeding schedule should be followed and will generally, require multiple feedings throughout the day.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

If it is an infant, only milk is good.Ohterwise feed it live or dry fish with milk.But feeding this too often will make the kitten addict to the fish food.Bread crumps dipped in milk,Crushed egg white mixed with any bone bits will make them go crazy.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

This depends its exact age. If it doesn't have teeth, it needs formula(NOT milk). If it does, start with wet food and slowly mix in dry to soften it. Plain dry food is harsh on their teeth. Always talk to your Vet when dealing with pets.

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