Question by  Lamar (25)

Where can I find a California clay flue liners?

I need to reline my fireplace prior to the start of the cold weather and use.


Answer by  theblip (295)

Look at some online classifieds and websites to locate dealers and sellers in your locality. KellySearch has listed some great options and a lot of addresses where you can get good clay flue liners. It's best to try a few places to compare costs and qualities before you purchase liners.


Answer by  digmyspace (249)

Try local chimney constructors and their related stores to start your search. Use a reputed dealer to purchase your clay flue liners. You'll need a little knowledge about clay flue liners to make sure you get good stuff that will last and also be right for your chimney.

Reply by benji (165):
Clay flue liners are difficult to install if your chimney ain't straight - so check before you buy what you think is great. Also needs some breaking of the chimney to fit 'em. Don't end up saving money on those clay liners and then spending double on installation!  add a comment

Answer by  kissamedeadly (133)

A quick google search reveals several retailers that specialize in clay flue liners, specifically in California there needs to be a special type of backing for seismic concerns. Retailers and wholesalers are listed both online and in the California yellow pages directory using the keyword search Clay Flue Liner.


Answer by  sailendra (63)

One can easily find California clay flue liners in Silverado Nursery in Sacramento, California, in order to reline one's fireplace prior to the start of the cold weather and use.


Answer by  pij42d (18)

Search under 'clay flue liner' in a California telephone directory or contact a chimney construction/repair company or retail chimney supply store.

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