Question by  Lori (57)

What should I know about pruning a pothos?


Answer by  Scott (109)

Pathos plants are VERY hardy and can take pruning anytime of the year and even multiple times. You can also take the trimmings from pruning and root them in water to make new plants for you or to share with others. I always trim my pathos in about 1 foot sections and then immediately place them in water to root.


Answer by  trinibabe00 (16)

Pothos are house plants that require pruning in order to grow healthy and beautiful. The key factor is knowing exactly where to trim to achieve new growth and become fuller.


Answer by  blahblah (670)

Pothos is a very forgiving plant and benefits from pruning. All you need to do is cut it off just above a leaf, anywhere along its stem. You can even make more pothos plants -- cut about 6" pieces of the stem that you cut off and put them in water. When roots start to form, pot the new plants.

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