Question by  pinky (45)

What should I know about marble tile installation?


Answer by  YellowCup (1650)

Marble tile installation can be pricey to install. The marble itself can be pricey too. With a little research though, you could install it yourself and take a nice chunk of change off your bill.


Answer by  wjmcomposer (45)

Be sure to check the manufacturers instructions for adhesives, as marble tiles can be quite heavy, and thus demanding more than the usual tile Thinset. Also try to not exceed a 1/8" grout line, as your grout would then need to be sanded, which might scratch the tile. Remember that marble is porous, so be sure to apply a sealant.


Answer by  luvlexis83 (798)

Lay out your tiles and already have your pieces around your doorways and corners already cut and laid out. And use concrete in stead of gout to fill gaps.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

Marble tile is easy if you have the tacks and the right glue. It is simples but the tile can cost a lot of money. I just put a sandstone tile in my kitchen and I used a vinyl tile with a sticky back and it looks just like real tile.


Answer by  lakshmi (196)

marble tile installation is not a difficult task. just we need some more money than we use for the ceramic tiles. the marble is a natural product and is cut by machines into tiles of different lengths. only problem is the surface to which the tile is to be applied should be flat and even otherwise the tile can break.


Answer by  ravana (43)

Marble is considerable as one of the materials avaiable for decorathd the houses,offices and other commerial buildings. it is avaiable in different colours, designs, patterns,shapes and sizes.we need to consider many factors before purchasing the marble tiles.but we often find it hard to choose the right kind of marble tiles


Answer by  che25 (47)

before the installation every tile should be inspected for cracks. the base should be clean, dry, solid, and flat to avoid loseness and cracking of tiles. also, one must consider the height of each tile to be placed to avoid lippage that will distract the appearance.


Answer by  johnsondamont (25)

One of the most important things is to make sure that area being tiled is able to support the weight of the combined tiles.


Answer by  tml (538)

Marble tile is natural stone. Each piece will have its own unique look rather than the same exact pattern. Thus, you will need a medium bed mortar for thickness differences.


Answer by  JustMeKC (341)

Marble Tile is a very good choice. It is Durable, looks great but much cheaper than Solid Marble floors. You should know that it is More Difficult to cut than Regular Tile though.


Answer by  TimL34 (13)

Marble tile installation is done just like your average ceramic tile installations with some slight variations. Be wary of this because Marble can easily crack or break.


Answer by  bb (674)

just like any tile, the floor or surface that it is going on must be clean and the tile must be cut straight.

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