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Question by  frogie (86)

What should I know about a hematoma after a tubal ligation?

I am concerned about hematoma after tubal ligation.


Answer by  serena (79)

Wait and watch it will resolve on its own. If there are symtoms like abdominal pain,fever,swelling,redness,tenderness then it may need further evaluation such as ultra sonography, and if neccessarry surgical evacuation of the hematoma. Antibiotic coverage may be required during this period to prevent secondary infection.


Answer by  Jon44 (87)

Hematomas are a sign of bleeding inside body tissues. The most common hematoma is bruising of the skin. Hematomas inside the body cavities indicates internal bleeding. Active bleeding is seen as a hematoma growing in size. Hematomas decreasing in size indicate old bleeding that has stopped.


Answer by  worker31 (37)

In an health person complications after tubal ligation are rare. This includes hematomas. Of course if you have any concerns you should discuss them with your physician and he will explain your personal risk factors relating to your health. Some complications include bladder or bowel damage, bleeding, hernias, and nerve damage. If you develop a hematoma it can be treated.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

A hematoma is just like a bruise, nothing to worry about after a tubal ligation. Things you should be worried about is infection, rash, scar warm to touch, things like that.


Answer by  ToralDwivedi (606)

Hematoma is common after undergoing TL. Generally the blood gets reabsorbed within a few days but if hematoma has taken place, take proper antibiotics and serratiopeptidase tablets after operation. In Modern Technic gynecologists block the tube with a ring by laproscopy instead of cutting it and therefore there is no chance of post op hematoma.

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