Question by  mjoregongolfpro (24)

What should I include on a resume for an accounts receivable job?


Answer by  riTch (99)

Applying for an Accounts Receivable Job would require knowledge in accounting. Thus, one's resume should indicate understanding of accounting cycle. It would also be a big help if the resume would mention an actual exposure to any work or job where accounting principles are applied or worked on. In this manner, the resume will stand out from the rest.


Answer by  maxwell (289)

You need to include your past Accounts Receivable job experience. List the companies and contact information. Include any community service you have performed. If you have received certifications, list these. Keep your resume to one page if possible. Include a cover page that is brief and professional in all aspects.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

You should include any office experience you have first and foremost. You also need to make sure and include any experience you have with cash handling in any industry. Make sure to put any formal schooling you have that would pertain to finances in any way. Also make sure to use keywords that would portray you as being trustworthy.


Answer by  mgison014 (171)

Include first the exact date you were in, in that position. Then you also need to describe what you are doing and who are the people you are with.


Answer by  Diwali (34)

You are having computer knowledge and know account related softwares(like talley)and have good hands on that.Also mention if u are having previous work experience with any company.


Answer by  smdunmore (3)

Yes! Your resume is usually the first step in the application process and through out the employment process. Your resume is your introduction to the recruiter and/or hiring manager. Your resume outlines all of experience, skills and talents and when it is well done, it can get you the job!

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