Question by  sd215 (33)

What should I do when the flash player won't install?


Answer by  Elis (150)

Make sure that all of your web browsers are closed and try again. If it still won't work, reboot the computer and try again. At this point if it's still not working you should look for any sign of specific error messages and search the Macromedia website for help.


Answer by  fedoen (28)

Try uninstalling older version (if any), reboot your computer and then try again, if this doesn't work check for the error message you get and google it


Answer by  BBBrian (282)

Document the error if you are getting one, and do a search. You can also try completely uninstalling the flash player through Add/Remove programs.


Answer by  Dannnnn (15)

If you're trying to install via a browser (like firefox) try downloading the install file from adobe's website. If that still doesn't work then try a different browser (like internet explorer or google chrome) if it works in one and not the other, try reinstalling the browser you are using. Best of luck.


Answer by  knightmare (1231)

Try a different browser. Internet Explorer is currently having issues installing Flash if you're running a 64-bit browser, like you'd probably be doing in Vista or Windows 7. Flash is currently only for 32-bit browsers, so try Firefox or Google Chrome for now and see if that helps.


Answer by  isabellagallo (117)

First see if the version of the player is compatable with your system and to make sure all of the system requirements are met. You may need to clear your cookies and history to improive your computer speed. If that does not work you may need to choose another verison of the flsash player.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Your system is getting old can you set your system to a previous date so some original settings will be restored, this might help. There are some pc fixes on the internet which might help, they are free to download. As computers get old they do lose data and maybe a new computer might have to be the answer.


Answer by  espraba (119)

First of all remove any previous versions of flash player. Please ensure that you are downloading the latest version. Make sure the firewall is off. Ensure you are not running any application that is blocking flash player (like spywarebaster, free surfer) Adjust your security settings to install the player. Also ensure your windows registry is upto date.


Answer by  Alev (23)

If the flash player won't install, you can go Macromedia's web site and you can check your flash player software. If there ist any problem, than you must reinstall or update the flash player software in your working system. Otherweis may be your working system has trouble with any other problem.


Answer by  sathu (157)

When the flash player don't install we must try to download flash player from the internet.if it is downloaded it is easy to install then.If not,we can call the person who is expert in installing the software by using compact disk.we can choose pen drive also to install.


Answer by  Eddy69 (73)

You should try to find something else. Not exacly flash player, but something , what works like this software. Try google.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

De- and Reinstall Adobes Flash Player ActiveX and PlugIn components. If this does not help, reinstall them a second time and try an older installer. The older version will afterwards be updated during the use of flash. There are special pages on the web that hold old software versions.

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