Question by  Tam (24)

What should I do if my Maytag spray arms are not rotating?

I know the Maytag repairman needs work but I was hoping I could fix this myself.


Answer by  Dre (16)

I would first make sure it is plugged up and there is no damage to the power cord. If all of that is okay make sure their is nothing in the way of it moving on the arms themselves.


Answer by  tab65 (456)

If your Maytag spray armss are not rotating usually the ball bearing on the inside needs to be changed. I had this problem before and I disassembled the spray arm and ordered the new ball bearing size online. It works great now and I have no problems.


Answer by  widgit (65)

There are retaining clips on the spray arms of Maytag dishwashers. If those break the arms will not run. You also need to check to make sure nothing has fallen down into the dishwasher and is blocking the arms from turning.


Answer by  javaman09 (180)

I had a problem with the filter in the sump. You need to remove the lower arm, then remove the torque screws holding the top part of the pump housing on. This will expose a micro-mesh filter that could be clogged and not allowing water to flow to the spray arms.


Answer by  Engineer (49)

Well, If you would like to reassimble the "Maytag Spray Arms." you are going to have to remove the rotating device and lubricate it with "WD-40" and then reattach.


Answer by  Thomas99 (24)

Try cleaning the spay arm holes. if they are cloged it may prevent the arms from rotating. try uncloging the hole with a toothpick

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