Question by  FleurDH (26)

What relation does post traumatic stress disorder have on infidelity?

My husband is using his ptsd as an excuse to his infidelity.


Answer by  kbo (401)

There is no excuse for infedility. It seems as if you and your husband need to go to some type of marriage couseling. Furthermore, your husband also needs counseling for his ptsd. It is a disease, but he cannot use this as an excuse for his sinful behavior. Please do not let him use this as an excuse.


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

People will use any excuse for their behavior. That doesn't mean you have to accept it. He needs to seek help for his PTSD, and your marriage.


Answer by  Anonymous

my husband also has ptsd and is doing the same (emotional internet affairs, not physical). after he got help for the initial phase of ptsd, it stopped almost immediately. at first anniversary of accident, went back into ptsd and another relationship.


Answer by  Nancy (578)

It should have zero effect. In fact, someone with this condition wants and needs the stability of a wife and home.

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