Question by  Dmt (25)

What qualities should I expect from a Lab Bulldog mix?


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

This is a great mix as far as bulldogs go. Typical traits of the mix are stubborn, but very intelligent. Protective, loving, and very large.


Answer by  Fishtales (373)

Labs are large and playful with a calm disposition. A bulldog may be less playful and smaller than a lab with its trademark pushed in face. I would expect such a mix would result in an animal that is smaller than a lab and less playful than a full lab.


Answer by  xtremetree (306)

So you have a lab bulldog mix. You are in for a treat, lab mix bulldogs are loyal, friendly, and never agressive.


Answer by  Porthos (20)

Because bulldogs are short nosed breeds you should be careful about a lab/bulldog mix deals with heat if you live in a hot location.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Usually the puppys will have good and bad trates from both breeds but it all depends some may look like a bulldog and act like a lab and some my look like a lab and act like a bulldog some may have a bulldog face and a lab body.

posted by Anonymous
I used to have a Chocolate Lab but he acted like a Bulldog at times. I noticed that he was lot different from other Labs especially testes (more of bulldog trait) He moans like bulldogs. I loved him like my soulmate. He was with us for almost 12 years.  add a comment
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