Question by  txgirl (67)

What legal rights do I have to my own medical records?


Answer by  Youngmom (233)

You have every right to view and retain a copy of your own personal medical records, and those of your deceased family members. I make it a habit of getting a copy of my chart every year or so, more often if I recently had a health change. For example, having a baby, or surgery.


Answer by  dudeandsly (13)

You have full legal rights to your own medical records. You may have to pay for photocoping of your chart/notes but otherwise you have full access to your records. According to HIPAA you not only ahve access but can apply to have your notes edited if errors are found.


Answer by  tlibrabear (12)

You are able to request copies of your medical records from the treating facility/physician. You need to sign a release of information form to get your records. If you notice any errors in your records, you can have the errors corrected.


Answer by  Marybeth (841)

You have every right to own your own records, but your doctors can charge you a fee per page and they may require your bill is paid in full.


Answer by  Laila64 (151)

The HIPAA medical privacy law gives the rights to have your own medical records but does not give the right to have psychotherapy notes.

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