Question by  willard (874)

What kind of salaries to coal mine bosses make?


Answer by  idiotjones (705)

A first line supervisor overseeing a coal mine makes about $80,000 per year. Pay could vary due to many employment factors such as number of direct reports, safety hazards of a job site, union vs.non-unionized workforce, company performance (incentive pay or bonuses), and specific training or qualifications such as a degree of military training.


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

As a "coal mine boss" is unclear, all supervisory position average salaries are listed. General Manager $167,000/yr, Mine Manager $123,000/yr, Mine Foreman $84,000/yr, Shift Boss $94,000/yr. Annual salaries are dependent on location of mine (state) and type of mine. If the coal mine is an underground mine vs. surface coal mine you earn more. Example: Gen. Mgr $194,000/yr


Answer by  Dean (4035)

There are different levels of "bosses" in the mining industry. The shift boss makes up to $95K; the foreman makes in the mid-$80K and a mine manage makes about $120K.


Answer by  elecstorm83 (167)

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