Question by  ricklin2010 (20)

What kind of programs can you get on a satellite dish that you can't get on cable?

I wonder if it's worth the expense.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Seems to me, you do better with cable, and the price is better, despite the satellite companies claims. Seems to me, you get tons on satellite, but most of it is nonsense. You need to research it. I live in the Northeast, maintaining even a small dish is a pain, and I have found the customer service's better with cable.


Answer by  canadabee (932)

Satellite and cable show mostly the same stuff, especially in markets where cable programming is extensive. One advantage of satellite is that you often get the same channel playing in different time zones, so you can watch things at different times. Of course, you can also do this with dvr.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

To see what channels you get from each satellite provider look at their individual websites. They list what each package includes and the price so you can judge for yourself.


Answer by  DackThrombosis (1093)

You can get more channels, maybe, although the bigger cable packages have most of those already. It's just a matter of cost these days.


Answer by  Chris64 (299)

With a satellite dish, you have access too many more regional sports networks, which is an advantage if you are a sports fan.

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