Question by  Tyoon (34)

What kind of cacti has a straw flower?

I have cacti with a straw flower.


Answer by  BoBanda (24)

The Fairy Castle Cactus has pink straw flowers, but they are fake flowers and have been glued on. For this reason the buyer should be ware, and certainly not expect any more flowers! There are varieties of flowering cactus though: Mamillaria and Notocactus are some popular ones


Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

Cacti and strawflowers are two very different kinds of plants. Often when cacti are sold in stores, they come with dried, brightly-colored strawflowers that have been glued to them in an effort to make them seem more appealing and sell more plants. If you are lucky, the glue may not have damaged the growth point of the cactus.

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