Question by  linarg (20)

What is your opinion of the rolepalying games online?


Answer by  BeautyOfAnarchy (58)

They are the future of gaming, since single player games can not earn enough money. Most roleplaying games are with a subscription, or limit the player so he is motivated to purchase online so he can compete with other players.


Answer by  jedi (12)

I think they are fantastic in terms of immersing the player into an in-depth fictional world that allows players to meet other like-minded individuals. Nothing is more fun than completing quests and challenges with other friends as opposed to by yourself with console role playing games.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

I do not like them. I have tried a couple but I have never been able to really get into them. I see people all the time who become obsessed with them and it just baffles me.


Answer by  dyingneko (199)

I think it is very fun to play online role playing games. I am playing it too. Of course it takes a lot of time because it is interesting and you just do not want to go away from your computer. But if you are bored then it is great way to spend time.

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