Question by  cindystoufflet (24)

What is your opinion about custom made golf driver versus store bought?

I need you to compare.


Answer by  Joe2533 (205)

Store bought drivers are made for a person of average height, weight, etc. A custom driver would be made taking your specific measurements and based on your type of golf swing. Store bought drivers might be less expensive, but that is not always the case. If you are tall or short, or have an ususual swing, get a custom driver.


Answer by  comalley59 (29)

Many consumers appreciate the individualism and craftsmanship that a custom made driver possesses. However, the majority of golfers appreciate quality drivers at a low price, so while they may prefer a custom made driver designed specifically for them they often revert to the cheaper store driver which is mass produced and lacks the charm of a custom made driver.


Answer by  nhmarksman (65)

For frequent golfers, custom made golf drivers are preferred to store bought. Although expensive, a driver customized for a specific individual will greatly improve their golf game and swing.


Answer by  cb81 (613)

A custom made golf driver can be a good thing if you have a lot of money, and are willing to invest both time and money on going to a custom maker. You probably have to have a low handicap or have played the game for quite a long tim. However, if you are a beginner, it isn't worth it.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

There are advantages of having a driver customized to fit your natural swing instead of you adjusting your swing to fit the store club. Many stores do it for free.


Answer by  nate (199)

Custom made is actually made for your body specifications and better material. A store bought is cheaper material and you don't know if the store bought is made for your body specs.


Answer by  frool (7)

Custom made drivers are more expensive than store bought, but the difference is worth it. Your swing mechanics will be better, and you will see increased driving distances.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Custom made golf drivers are suited to ones particular needs (age of golfer, strength, etc.). Store bought meanwhile doesn't aid you in any particular weakness that one may have in golf.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

I believe that in the end, if you can hit a driver (or any club), it doesn't matter if it is custom made, or store bought. Do you think Tiger Woods or any pro for that matter, couldn't hit a store bought club well? Of course they could. If it will work for them, it should work for you.


Answer by  Threeputt (84)

Price may be an issue, depending upon where you are planning to have your custom-made driver built. From a technical standpoint, the custom-made driver can improve your ability to hit the ball, since the club length and swing weight can be adjusted to the your own personal height and strength. Store-bought clubs are generally designed to fit the masses.


Answer by  bowski (24)

In my opinion, custon made golf drivers are better then store bought. The reason custom made drivers are better is because they are built to fit your body size and swing.

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