Question by  14lvl (144)

What is unique about Mexican culture and food?

I don't know much about Mexico.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Culture is one of the poorest, but they are family oriented. Everything is decided with the family in mind. They are very religious. They make all their food from scratch. Shells and breads are made on a iron stove that is heated with fire wood. They raise their own animals for food as well as vegetables. Their food is spicy.


Answer by  bouks999 (496)

I personally liked going to Tihuana Mexico. If you visit there there are a lot of shops to explore. They are very nice people. Just dont eat the food in tihuana. I like mexican food personally expecially beef. Mexico is very beautfiul place to visit. I would highly recomend going there.


Answer by  MiguelitoCarranza (0)

Our culture is diverse, a blend of Aztec and Spanish [which is in turn a blend of Moorish and Roman culture] culture. Very Catholic. Culture is sometimes violent and death-oriented [Dia de muertos, Santa Muerte, Aztecs], but people always friendly and helpful. Family is always first. Hard workers, harder partiers.

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