Question by  andrewlpres (10)

What is typical honeymoon lingerie?

I am getting married soon.


Answer by  birminghamster (48)

A lacy peignoir set of matching nightgown and robe are sure to please your honey. Want something racy? Think thongs, garters, stockings - anything goes!


Answer by  KAS (393)

Typical lingerie would include a red silky sheer negligee with matching thong panties, a garter belt and robe. Very sexy!


Answer by  mitchell81 (36)

There is no such thing as "typical" honeymoon lingerie. You can wear anything you think your husmand may appreciate. Some brides prefer traditional whit lingerie, in keeping with the purity of the wedding. Others prefer to spice it up and wear something a little more risky - something with vivid colors and serious sex appeal.


Answer by  jalisha (40)

Honeymoon lingerie are usually sweet and sexy at the same time. Typical honeymoon lingerie includes a lacy soft night gown or a nice cute and sexy two piece set.

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