Question by  Kevin16 (56)

What is the word for a female Casanova?

I know someone who is a perfect female Casanova.


Answer by  patti (29325)

If you want to use a reference to a seductive female in history, "Mata Hari" would probably be a good one. Mata Hari was a very famous spy during WWI, capable of seducing just about anyone to get critical, guarded information.


Answer by  Clement (1453)

Depending on the attitude you are wishing to express consider such words as "vamp", "seductress", "flirt", "nymphomaniac", "man-eater" or a more pejorative "slut". Difference between the male and female equivalents reflects different social attitudes towards the same behaviour acted out by men and women.


Answer by  Patty (195)

I have two words that could possiably be used for a female version of a Casanova. An older word could be a "Temptress". If you are looking for a more modern word, then I think you could use a word in which we here quite often today, "Diva".


Answer by  my003 (21)

Women who fit the "casanova" stereotype are often viewed less positively than men who act similarly. However, "femme fatale" is a good term for such women.


Answer by  mom (244)

There are not very many "nice" words for a Lady Casanova. A few that come to mind are: Venus, Aphrodite, and seductress.


Answer by  Anonymous

what will we use for female casanova

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