Question by  jennysdog (36)

What is the weather like in November at Disneyland?


Answer by  Srr (105)

The temperature should be pleasant, perhaps in the low seventies, though there is always the possibility of an unusually warm or cold spell. Rain is unlikely, but does occur occasionally. Don't forget, this is a desert climate. It can get very chilly at night, so come equipped with a jacket or sweater.


Answer by  teapots (42)

The weather in November at Disneyland is very good weather for amusement park entertainment. Of course like anywhere else, weather is unpredictable but generally speaking November in Orlando is cool and crisp. It is very much like early Autumn up North and very pleasant for going on rides. I would even say getting wet wouldn't be a problem!


Answer by  cammieo (169)

In November the weather is beautiful in the daytime and a little cooler at night. Jeans and a t-shirt are okay for daytime, but remember to bring a sweater/sweatshirt for the evening. You may get some gusts of wind but for the most part the weather is quite enjoyable and everyone should have a good time.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

It is cool, but generally not very cold. There is a chance of rain, but sleet is very rare. Ice is uncommon, though it can get to freezing at that time of year. November, in general, is a decent time to visit that particular theme park. Thanksgiving, however, is very crowded.

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