Question by  ZiggyHolmes (127)

What is the weather like in Dubai in October?

I am planning a trip to Dubai in October.


Answer by  daddyo (34)

Dubai, UAE sees highs averaging 93 degrees, and lows averaging 74 degrees. Rainfall is unlikely during October. The relative humidity averages 75 per cent. Dew point averages 67. Generally uncomfortable.


Answer by  JasPoSF (67)

It can be fairly warm in Dubai in October. Average temperature is reported to be around 93 degrees fahrenheit. However, there can be a moderate amount of rainfall as well.


Answer by  odette1 (6)

October weather in Dubai ranges from a high of 98 low 78 in the first week, to a high of 91 low of 71 by the end of the month.

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