Question by  penelope1616 (58)

What is the statute of limitations for parking tickets in San Diego?


Answer by  cynosure (376)

When parking ticket is issued, it includes a date and time to contest - if you do not contest the ticket, then judgment is entered and a statute of limitations will not apply (you are, in essence, deemed "guilty"). The SoL for collection of a judgment debt is 10 years.


Answer by  cdavisofgso (13)

There is no statue of limitations for parking tickets in San Diego. If too much time passes they will deduct fines from your state income tax refund or other ways.


Answer by  AnneB91 (611)

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, there is no statute of limitations on parking tickets in California. They are considered outstanding until they are either paid or adequately contested.


Answer by  sswork11 (184)

There isn't any. The best you can hope for is that cities sometimes have occasions where you can pay them off without the added penalties.


Answer by  HelpfulAndy (1107)

There really isn't any. If you don't pay your ticket you will be found guilty and a warrant can be put out for your arrest. This probably won't happen, but you should pay your tickets anyway.


Answer by  lumofny93 (43)

The status of limitations is 10 years for parking violations (and other non-moving violations) in the city of San Diego, California.


Answer by  dirtysanchezey (3)

Since the ticket was issued the justice process has started against you. so it does not apples to you. if the ticket was issued your stuck.

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