Question by  Jeff5750 (38)

What is the size range of the Flax clothing line?

I've only seen a few pieces from the line.


Answer by  juliehough (21)

I have researched this line of clothing on several different websites and have found that the sizes range from Petite to 3 Generous. Petite is size 4-6, small 8-10, medium 12-14, large 14-16, G1 18-20, G2 22-24, & G3 26-28.


Answer by  cbaby1 (121)

Sizes for Flax clothing run from Small to generous 3, Which is most likely a size 30, which should be a plus size 4x i believe. I have seen a few pieces also, they seem to be a very nice clothing line.


Answer by  HeidiW (371)

You can find that they actually have all sizes. From 4-6 which is petite, to the largest, generous sizes the biggest being 26-30.


Answer by  blachild (127)

Since this is a new line there are not many items that are on the Flax clothing line. They are planning to release the line in early Jan 2011.


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

Flax clothes come in women's regular sizes as well as plus sizes. They are slowly adding some men's items in limited sizes at this time.


Answer by  TonyB (341)

They ranage from a size four to a size eighteen. They list the eighteen as generous, and the size four as petite.

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