Question by  sauvblanc (96)

What is the process of making yarn, from sheep to store?

I know there's carding and spinning and dyeing, but I don't know what they mean or what order it happens in.


Answer by  churunga (22)

The fiber is gathered from the sheep, alpaca, ox or from plant materials. These fibers are specially prepared into filaments. These filaments are carded so that thay lay in the same direction for spinning. The carded fibers are twisted (spun) to achieve a yarn. This yarn in then rolled into skeins and packaged for sale.


Answer by  yarniechick (118)

Raw wool must first be scoured, which means cleaned and washed to remove dirt and lanolin. Carding is next, which is brushing the fibers to line them up. Next you could either dye or spin. Spinning is the process of twisting loose fibers into yarn. Dying simply adds color.


Answer by  teacher44 (80)

First the sheep are sheared. Then the wool is washed or scoured. The clean wool is carded or combed so that the fibers generally run in the same direction. Spinning turns the carded fibers into yarn which may be used in knitting, crocheting or weaving. It may be dyed at most steps or left natural.


Answer by  martin (522)

After shearing, the wool is cleaned to remove grease, dirt, and vegetable material. The clean wool may be dyed at this point. It is then carded to align and untangle the wool fibers. The carded wool is then spun to so that the fibers lock together into yarn. The yarn may be dyed if the wool wasn't dyed previously.


Answer by  smith (89)

The sheep is sheared. The fleece is cleaned by cutting the edges and removing foreign matter. The wool is washed and picked. Picking fluffs it. The wool is then carded by putting it through a series of combs. Then it's wound on spools and spun. It's either dyed then, or "dyed in the wool" after cleaning.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, carding is the process where you take all of the sheep fibers and put them together. When you spin the fibers together it is known as spinning because the fibers are spun to make wool. Then you also have some dying, which is the process of coloring the fibers.


Answer by  beck (1099)

Sheer the sheep then card the wool- a process that picks apart the fibers and cleans them. Spinning creates the yarn itself, dying then colors the wool.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

After the wool is harvested from the sheep it is sent to a factory where it goes through an intensive cleaning process. After cleaning some wool is sent to a coloring facility and the rest is sent to a dryer where it is pulled dry, then twisted into spools or balls.

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