Question by  brianna (24)

What is the process for connecting a garbage disposal to a drain pipe?

I need to connect my garbage disposal to a drain pipe.


Answer by  Inked (278)

Make sure the power or switch to the disposal to the pipe is off, you don't want any accidents. Then call a plumber.


Answer by  eldergeek (473)

A standard garbage disposal comes with all the hardware required to replace the existing drain in one side of your kitchen sink and connect to the existing drain pipe.


Answer by  Rick (38)

New garbage disposals will come with detailed instructions on exactly how to do this. You can also find specific instructions by looking up the manufacturer of your particular model.


Answer by  Prigger (19)

The garbage disposal will first hook up to your stainer, then you have the drain pipe on the side of the disposal which will hook into your p-trap. It is no difference hooking it up with out one. You should have all the pieces all ready there.

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