Question by  maruthachalam (15)

What is the plot of The Pearl Fishers opera?


Answer by  Basssingerj (22)

Two pearl fishers fall in love with the same woman. They decide to not let her come between their friendship. They both try to pursue the woman in secret until it destroys their friendship and one betrays the other. After that he feels bad for betraying his friend so he help his friend be with the woman forever.


Answer by  Michiel (83)

The Pearl Fishers opera by Georges Bizet is a story of a man Zurga who -with his friend Nadir- both where in love with Leila. The plot of the opera is that Zurga -who is chief of the village- condamned Nadir and Leila too death but releases them because Leila returns a chain she got from Zurga.

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