Question by  Janette (46)

What is the personality of a teacup poodle?

I am considering getting one and I have children.


Answer by  Mech79 (185)

Teacup poodles are very intelligent dogs that are cute but fragile. Depending on the age of your children it may not be the best idea to get this breed. Small children could unintentionally injure these small dogs. For older children it would be a good way to get them into dog training because they tend to be quick learners.


Answer by  scorbitt (252)

Poodles are very smart and loving dogs. However, small dogs tend to get nervous around children and children tend to treat small dogs like they're toys. If your children treat the dog with caution, then I imagine it will be a very loving companion. Consider getting one from a rescue group, and possibly an older one with a calmer personality.


Answer by  smellycat22 (1129)

Teacup poodle is probably not the best breed for children because they tend to be too fragile. Very gentle handling is required for safety of the dog and children.


Answer by  kristina31 (305)

They are family friendly pets. They do love kids because they love to play and be pampered. but yes get one your kids will love him or het too.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

If it is raised with the kids it will be fine with them as long as they are always nice to it. If you are getting it as an adult dog then you need to make sure the kids understand it will take the dog some time to get used to them being around then it will be fine.


Answer by  gbella (216)

Teacup poodles are very sweet and playful. They are great with kids but the issue isn't their personality. Poodles are very fragile- especially puppies. Even when children are careful they can easily injure a puppy.


Answer by  LnSny420 (0)

I don't have on YET, but they are so adorable. My dad grew up with 2 and he said it was one of the best expericences of his life. I can't wait to raise one,

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