Question by  Tony24 (11)

What is the most recent edition of "The Essentials of Physical Geography" by Robert Gabler?

I need "the most recent edition" for class, but the professor did not specify what that is.


Answer by  Starfish (214)

On Amazon they list three editions, 1998, 2004 and 2006 versions. It does say "there is a newer edition." However, that book, coming out on August 5, 2011, is only titled Physical Geography. I don't think that is the same book, I think Amazon is wrong. I would probably check with your professor to make sure which book to buy.


Answer by  Diane63 (12)

According to the publisher, Cengage Learning, "The Essentials of Physical Geography" is in its eighth edition. It was published in 2007 with ISBN-10: 0495011940 and ISBN-13: 9780495011941.


Answer by  Akikaze (11)

The eighth edition of "The Essentials of Physical Geography" by Robert Gabler was published on Feb 22, 2006 and is available on Amazon.


Answer by  masquarade (10)

The website of Cengage (the book's publisher) says that the most recent year of publication of the book is 2009.

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