Question by  jw13 (101)

What is the math equation w=cr?


Answer by  ZapBranigan (16)

I believe you mean the equation w=Cr^-2 or w=C/r*r which is the equation that determines an object's weight based on its elevation.


Answer by  parnell257 (109)

I believe this equation is written incorrectly. It should be w = cr^2. The equation w = cr^2 is used to determine the weight of an object that is placed above or below the surfact of the earth.

posted by Anonymous
No, it was written correctly - your equation has objects getting heavier as the distance from earth increases!  add a comment

Answer by  Aumin (276)

Normally this equation stands for finding the weight of an object, where C is the constant and r is the distance the object is from the center of earth.


Answer by  Vanasatchy (816)

people should know the weight of an object varies from planet to planet and also differs to the elevation of the objectSo the weight is w=cr c is constant and r is distance. W = C/r^2 Multiply by r^2: Wr^2 = C divide by W: r^2 = C/W Square root: r = sqrt(C/W

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