Question by  nzimardo (3)

What is the likelihood that a person will die from a blood clot after traveling by air?


Answer by  meridian (466)

The likelihood is extremely low. However, if you are already at risk of blood clots, air travel may not be recommended because you would be sitting for a long time and hours of immobility can put you more at risk. You can reduce your risk while flying by walking around in the plane every 1 to 2 hours.


Answer by  Amanda65 (1220)

It is unlikely that a person will develop a blood clot after traveling in an airplane. It is even more likely that the person will die from the blood clot, but it is possible. To prevent a blood clot make sure that you get up every 2 hours.


Answer by  worker4530 (303)

Its fairly unlikely. Its a lot more common that the blood clots will lead to pronounced veins, but will most likely dissipate before causing any real damage. It IS easily avoidable though. Just stretch every so often (hard to do in an airplane I know). Even the short walk to the bathroom will get that blood flowing.


Answer by  worker9275 (89)

Although there have been documented deaths due to blood clots, it remains an extremely small percentage of the flying population.


Answer by  Anonymous

At 36 I had my first DVT due to flying from Melbourne to London to Los Angles and back to Melbourne. I left Sunday and returned Sunday -- DVT and PE was the following Monday. The airlines have a term for second class passengers who get DVTs

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