Question by  eglennking (22)

What is the legal age to move out of your parents' house without their consent?

I want to leave my parents so badly but I don't want them to come after me. I am 17.


Answer by  olive8 (911)

Depending on the laws of your particular state, the only way you can probably do this is if you are legally emancipated. Another option would be to see if you can't go live with a relative. If you are escaping abuse you should talk to the authorities and they will point you in the right direction.


Answer by  jordanhammer (65)

Legally you have to be eighteen to move out without their consent. The only other option, short of getting them to agree to it, is to file with the court for emancipation.


Answer by  John (9008)

The rules for this vary a bit from state to state. Generally, however, you have to either be 18 or be legally emancipated. Emancipation involves a judge agreeing to let you live as an adult, and you will have to provide strong reasons why this should happen (usually, abuse or abandonment are involved).


Answer by  Fritz (608)

In most states the legal age to leave home is 18 because you are not considered an adult until then.


Answer by  naruke (7)

i want to leave my parents house and move in with a friend....but my life isnt bad for me to get legally emancipated... i feel like that i am not free....i know that i need to be 18 to leave home but i need to leave....i am 16...please help me

posted by Anonymous
you can leave at 17 depending which state you live in.  add a comment
Reply by jamielove (22):
If you find out the answer can you let me know because i'm the same age stuck in the same situation...... jamielove  add a comment

Answer by  naruke (7)

i want to leave my parents home and move in with a friend.... but my life isnt so bad for me to get legally emancipated... i am 16


Answer by  angeleyes (4)

i am 17 an need to get outa my parents house b4 i make another wrong decision of running away

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