Question by  mikey (29)

What is the law of detachment in geometry?

I saw this term in a math problem.


Answer by  Miffy (216)

The law of detachment states that if p=>q is true, then if p is true, q is also true. For example, for the following statement: "If it is sunny outside, I will hang out my washing. " It is sunny outside. Therefore we can say that I will hang out my washing.

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Answer by  avocadoing (62)

The Law of Detachment is also known as "Modus Ponens. " The law says that if p=q and the value p is true, then, by the law of detachment, the value q must be true. By the way, there's another law that accompanies it, called the Law of Syllogism.


Answer by  kenryl (7)

If p represents the hypothesis and q is the conclusion, then the law of detachment is usually given in the following pattern. if p is true, then q is true. p is true, therefore, q is true.


Answer by  avoo (4)

law of detachment sucks!


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