Question by  elsewhen (627)

What is the last national park you have been to, and how did you like it?


Answer by  penrose (235)

I went to Yosemite last year and it was spectacular. Yes, it is more crowded than it should be, and a little too touristy for my taste, but the number of awesome sights is well, awesome. Getting out of the Yosemite valley into the backcountry is a must.


Answer by  luna (100)

I went to Yosemite national park and it is amazing. I went at the end of summer and the waterfalls had dried up but it still stunning with grand rock formations, amazing trees and wildlife. The only downside is the price it pays to get into the park and parking.


Answer by  caringguy (40)

The last national park I went to was the Grand Canyon. I was disappointed. I had been to Zion National Park the day before, never having heard of it before, and found it much more beautiful than the Grand Canyon which I've heard of my entire life. My mom got a really bad sunburn too.

Reply by calcutta (168):
I agree... after the initial "oh-my-goodness-that-is-HUGE" moment subsides, there really isn't anything particularly scenic. Other national parks in the west are much more beautiful. Lassen National Park is also not too spectacular.  add a comment

Answer by  msbat (48)

The last national park I went to was Six Flags over Georgia. I liked it a lot, especially the roller coasters that weren't made of wood. The wooden coasters were too rough and gave me a headache. The food was far too expensive. But it was fun anyway.

Reply by tschebyshev (252):
That sounds like an amusement park, not a national park.  add a comment
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