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Question by  John88 (34)

What is the history of Cinderella in Disney?


Answer by  showerfood (15)

Cinderella is a Disney movie that originated from the children's story Cinderella. In Magic Kingdom in Disney World, the main castle is called Cinderella's Castle. The architectural design of Cinderella's Castle is based on the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. You can find Cinderella in Magic Kingdom in Toon Town.


Answer by  MayoMan (88)

The original film was in 1950 , but the character is supposedly based off a story that is credited to the frenchman, Perrault.


Answer by  bettemachete (142)

The Disney character was created in 1950. Her voice was done by actress Helene Stanley. Before Disney, Cinderella was a character in the popular folk tellings of the Brothers Grimm.


Answer by  rebecca0515 (434)

Cinderella was first introduced as a Disney character in a seven minute cartoon in 1922. A longer film was released in 1950. The character quickly became one of the most popular. Many little girls dress as the famous character when visiting the theme park.


Answer by  Mary57 (75)

Cinderella is bullied and ordered around by her step-mother and step-sisters. Her life changes for the better after she attends a dance and loses a glass slipper.


Answer by  cinder22 (15)

She has an evil step-mother who treats her very badly while her step-sisters get everything. One night she meets a prince and they fall in love.


Answer by  jaclark586 (359)

Cinderella begn as a story buy a non-Disney author. Disney then bought the story, took out most of the violent aspects and made it kid friendly.


Answer by  eilrol (1431)

Cinderella lost her mother and her father wanted to give Cinderella a new mother. Her father met a lady with two daughters that were envious of Cinderella's beauty.

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