Question by  apple (447)

What is the first thing you think or what is the primary feeling you have when you first wake up?


Answer by  clorede1 (37)

Honestly? I think "What time is it? ", " Is the bathroom open? ", and "Has the dog been fed and been out to relieve herself". But seriously, the primary feeling I carry with me every day is thankfulness. I have so much, even though I deserve so little.


Answer by  somerset (801)

The first thing that comes to mind is, what do I have to do that day. What special projects are waiting, something out of the ordinary, like have smog test done for the car, doctors appointment, visit an elderly friend, is it Sunday? Start getting ready for church.


Answer by  blago (40)

A fresh start, but associated with the feeling of wanting to get a lot accomplished. I am usually making a mental list about what I have to get done that day. I also feel relied if in my mental planning I realize the day contains less than usual.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

It could not possibly be time to get up yet. The next thought that goes through my mind is tell me it is Saturday, because that means that my husband will be getting the kids up and I can sleep in. Then I get a great big hug.


Answer by  Anonymous

When I start to gain consciousness my mind associates my alarm sound to something bad which I can almost never remember (sometimes it makes up an explanation for the alarm or randomly makes me feel like I have to do something which makes no sense when I wake up)


Answer by  slhart (72)

When I first wake up I can't believe it's already time to get up. My first thought is can't I just go back to bed for a little while and get up when I'm ready. Unfortantely this usually isn't an option so I make myself get about of bed.

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