Question by  senthiljazz (14)

What is the difference between a primary and secondary succession?

I am trying to understand succession in Biology and the difference between primary and secondary.


Answer by  Katie46 (54)

Primary succession is the colonization of organisms in an area that wasn't previously colonized by any living things. Secondary is the regeneration of the living community after a major disturbance.


Answer by  qaisariqbalbhatti (14)

there are to different types of succession in biology primary and secondary. primary succession means the area where the life does not glacier and lava containing lands and newly form lands also includes like rocks and sands. secondary succession means the area where the previous living community has vanished.but not completely.some of its sign are remaining.


Answer by  jude11 (499)

Primary succession is when new life inhabits a place where no previous lifeforms have lived before. Secondary succession, however, happens when new life comes back to a place that has been disturbed by things such as fires and earthquakes. With both, small plants and weeds are the successors.


Answer by  elvin (8)

Primary succession is plant life in an environment which is usually lacking vegetation and soil (lava lands or glacial areas). It is the slow growth of an ecosystem over a longer time period; Whereas, Secondary succession is which previously supported plant life before an ecological disturbance such as hurricanes, floods, and bush fires.


Answer by  2525252 (717)

Well primary succession means animals grow in an area such as rocks and lichen. It takes longer than secondary succession.

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