Question by  lindsay (111)

What is the first thing you cut from your budget when money is tight?


Answer by  Orea15 (18)

I do try to cook more and eat out less. I buy cheaper kinds of meat, etc. But I also cut way back on impulse spending. I ask myself if I really need it, and usually I really don't! I also discontinued a lot of magazines and I drive less.


Answer by  somerset (801)

Alongside eating out, I also cut down on buying clothes. I really do not need yet another pair of pants, shoes, or dress. Since the closets are full anyway, a new item is really not as necessary.


Answer by  nating (37)

When money is tight, the first thing to go is eating out. In good times, we like to eat out once a week, usually on the weekend as a family treat, but in tough times, it's eating at home every night.


Answer by  ABracken (16)

The first thing that I cut from my budget when money is tight is dining out. Dining out has been a budget killer in the past, and is absolutely unnecessary the majority of the time. It is generally a lot cheaper to eat at home. Although I have to eat something, it doesn't have to be anything expensive.


Answer by  blb (79)

When it's time to tighten my belt, the first thing I eliminate is restaurant meals. As tasty as a meal out is, it's also expensive. You pay to be waited on. Since, this is something I can do, even if I don't want to, it has to be the first to go.


Answer by  elsewhen (627)

I have to agree with the other responders here: the first thing i cut is restaurants. buying in bulk can bring the cost of meals down significantly.

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