Question by  Christian (35)

What is the federal law that requires inmates to do only 65% of their time?


Answer by  John (9008)

There is no such a law. For state crimes, the states determine when (if ever) a person is eligible for parole. In the federal system, this is determined by the federal government. Some people, who show strong signs of rehabilitation, may get out early, but many don't.


Answer by  johndeere (5)

In federal sentencing the requirement for parole is still 85% a bill was introduced to reduce it to 65% but it is still in committee however many people have been writing to congress members to get this bill passed.


Answer by  exbankworker (58)

There is no such federal law; unless an inmate's sentence is commuted or they are granted parole, they will serve the full extent of their prison time.

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