Question by  blithe5 (26)

What is the expiration date on a Jose Cuervo margarita mix?


Answer by  moneychick (167)

Liquors do not have an actual expiration date. The conception is you buy it to drink not to save. Drink it in a few months, no longer than a year.


Answer by  Aleksandra90 (62)

All you can see on this bottle are stamped numbers.The first one is the number of the year, for example if the number is 8 stamped that means the year is 2008.Next 3 numbers indicate the day in the calendar year.Then add 12 months use from the date of manufacture.


Answer by  sadie90 (31)

Jose Cuervo Margarita mix should be refrigerated to keep it fresh. There is no expiration date, but is best if used within 6 months. You can usually smell it to see if it has gone sour.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

The expiration date depends on when the margarita mix was made. There is usually one expiration date for it when it hasn't been opened, then once the mix is opened there is another, sooner, date.


Answer by  tessamalk (466)

As each package was made at a different time, each should have an individual expiration date printed somewhere on the label. Usually, it's either close to the top or on the bottom.


Answer by  Sunshinebella (10)

Margarita Mix expires 12 months from its manufacture date. Imprinted on the bottle are 4 numbers that represent a date, the first being the year rest are month and date.


Answer by  Liney (11)

Well, it depends on the person, really. For me and my friends, the mix expires the same day we buy it so we have to drink it fast! Viva Cuervo!!!


Answer by  terryplank (16)

Well, the company says that it tastes better if you drink it within 6 months of opening. But there isn't actually an expiration date.


Answer by  liilii2009 (26)

The expiration date id diffrent on each bottle. Try looking at the lable and see if you can find the date there.


Answer by  lesreg (100)

8/1/2011 The earliest expiration date available now. You can use jose cuervo margarita mix for a long period of time if it is placed in the refrigerator for storage. You can use only what you need to make a few margaritas and then place it back in the refrigerator until you need it again.

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