Question by  apple (447)

What is the difference between ruminating and wallowing?


Answer by  kctaxlady (187)

Ruminating means thinking deeply about a situation, while wallowing means approaching a situation from an emotional standpoint and reliving it. When you ruminate, you seek patterns and answers that may help you to solve a problem. When you wallow, you merely immerse yourself in the same situation over and over with the same result.


Answer by  Danie (993)

Wallowing implies the person is depressed. Ruminating means you are thinking it over and doesn't imply a positive or negative feeling. Those are the key differences that exist between the words ruminating and wallowing as mentioned in the question above. I hope that answers your question you had here.


Answer by  Tracy (15)

Ruminating involves going over and over the details of an event, generally a negative one, either mentally or in conversation. Wallowing implies enjoyment of thinking of a past, negative event.

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