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Question by  bgrant (58)

What is the difference between Al Kaeda and the Taliban?

I did not realize there were two factions we were fighting in Iraq.


Answer by  kamal57 (18)

Al Qaeda is an Islamic movement based mainly in Afghanistan and Pakistan where its militants are involved in fighting, while Taliban is an Islamist organisation that has roots in the Middle East whith mainly Arabic fighters who inspire their targets (mainly Americans) and duty of "Jihad" from the Israeli - Palestinian conflicts in that region.


Answer by  John (9008)

They are two different groups with similar goals. They often work together, which makes it more confusing. Al-Qaida is an international terrorist group. They have cells throughout the world. The Taliban is based in Afganistan and were the rulers of that country until the U. S. invasion. Both favor a very extreme brand of Islam.


Answer by  tnnair (186)

Taliban is a religious and political movement headed by Mullah Mohmmed Omar in Afganistan. They rules as a parallel Government and framing their own rules and collecting taxes from the public. Alkaeda is headed by Osama Bin Ladan an Islamic terrorist movement, ruling it's people from Gulf Countries.

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