Question by  sunny83 (157)

What is the difference between a resin and a polymer?


Answer by  peggypoi (86)

A resin is a mixture of multiple chemicals and a polymer is a polyester derivitive. Also, Resins are products that are produced by a condensation reaction. Resins are synthetically produced products.


Answer by  worker8127 (16)

Resins are often derived from plants. Polymer is an all-encompassing term for a type of large repeating molecule. Technically resins are polymers, but usually the word polymer is used to refer to plastics that are composed of molecules that are usually larger than resins.


Answer by  Anonymous

resin is the intermediate between polymer and monomer.. polymer is made from resin and resin from monomer..


Answer by  Anonymous

resins are the preauter of the polymer. the polymer contain long chain where as the resin contain the small chain.


Answer by  Anonymous

Resin is a type of polymer. It is a condensation polymer,i.e. polymer obtained by addition of two or more different types of monomeric units having min 2 functional units which release a small molecule like water. Eg:urea-formaldehyde resin, phenol-formaldehyde resin.

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