Question by  preetishailgarg (19)

What is the current value of an 8 cent stamp?


Answer by  becki (229)

According to the post office, it would be worth 8 cents. I think it would depend on how old the stamp is, but it could be worth more to collectors. If it very rare, it could be worth a large amount of money.


Answer by  Srr (105)

An 8 cent stamp obviously has a face value of 8 cents, although actual value depends on what someone is willing to pay for it.


Answer by  MsSnoop (29)

an 8 cent stamp is worth 8 cents - unless it is a stamp of historical value, has a unique postmark and or is printed with errors - but usually a 8 cent staff is worth 8 cents. Collectors will pay more for the 8 cent staff if it is unique. The PO values it a 8 cents.


Answer by  Manda (1103)

The current value of an 8 cent stamp is 8 cents. Unless this is an old old stamp. Then depending on what it is, might be worth a few bucks.


Answer by  gutied (36)

The current value of an 8 cent stamp varies from 40-60 cents. I've heard that a lot of dealers won't purchase a single stamp from you if you have any.


Answer by  Anonymous

An 8 cent stamp can be valued at as much as $150. It depends a lot on quality and uniqueness.

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